Korean American declares support for re-election of President Donald Trump!

The Korean community voluntarily helps President Trump re-election.
Participated in more than 20 Korean-American organizations in the “President Trump Declaration of Support for Re-election”.
Coming October 3rd (Sat) 2pm LA Korean Town Wilshire and Western Taegeukgi Plaza

[LA = Senior Times US] Korean Americans are attracting attention voluntarily to help President Donald Trump re-election.

As the US presidential election approaches 50 days ahead, it is news that Korean American groups are preparing for the “Korean American declares support for re-election of President Donald Trump!”.

This event, held exactly one month before the presidential election, at the Taegeukgi Plaza where Wilshire and Western meet at 2 pm on October 3 (Sat), Korea Town, and so far, more than 20 Korean-American organizations are hoping to participate. It is the first voluntary support group held by Koreans for the presidential election of the United States, and it is already raising great expectations.

Shan Jeong, chairman of the American Patriots Association, who first organized the event, said, “This election is especially the value-oriented pursuit of individual, freedom, democracy, rule of law, truth, and free market economy led by President Trump, which has no origin in the history of the United States and around the world The future of the United States, which is more important than ever, is to choose whether to protect the main state or to be subordinate to the deconstructivist PC left, a globalist bureaucratic system that supports the Middle East with Biden-led pro-China and neglects North Korea in China. “It’s an election,” he said. “Let’s gather together, proclaiming October 3rd as the day when all Korean Americans in the US declare their support for President Donald Trump’s re-election for the 46th president.”

Chairman Seo Ryong said, “President Trump, who has built a strong US, continues to make America Great Again, and keep America Great. “I hope that the Korean-American community united at this opportunity will be strengthened by strengthening the ROK-U.S. alliance in order for President Park Geun-hye, who is still struggling with the body of English, to be released as soon as possible. Let’s show it,” he raised his voice.

According to Jeung Gyeong-won, chairman of the American Patriotic Korean Federation, the Korean-American Citizens’ Association, Los Angeles Sambo Korean Clinic, Great Korea, Army Comrades, Seattle Korea-US Patriotic Association, Seattle Founding Dr. Syngman Rhee Commemorative Association, Deputy Pastoral Association, President Park Jung-hee’s Commemoration Project It is said that organizations such as the National Assembly, the Elders of the United States of America, the Great Hurray, the Korean American Sisa Academy, the American Community Group, Christian Spirituality, the Headquarters for the Practice of the Word, the Senior Times US, the American Patriotic Koreans Association, and the Koreans for Donald J Trump Group, etc. , It is predicted that 10 more organizations will join.

▷Date: October 3, 2020 (Sat) 2:00 PM
▷Location: Taegeukgi Square (Wilshire + Western)
Inquiries: (213)999-5526 Chairman Shan Zheng / (310)344-4314 Chairman Jeong Kwang-won Jeung Gyeong

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